E-Bolt Supply
"We've become big fans of Current! We've carried Greenlee since we opened a couple years ago, and have gotten more positive reviews from our customers on Current than we did with Greenlee. Specifically, ease of use. I had an electrician tell me, after using Current for the first time, that he was able to work more efficiently. Everyone likes a tool that makes them more money. We look forward to a continued relationship with Current, and proudly display the Made in the U.S.A. label!" – Cori, E-Bolt


"In 2012, there was a power station that went up here in town. The contractors brought in Current Tools for the job. No complaints. In fact, the sale was made on Current being American made. Here in the Midwest, we're proud to use American made tools and support American manufacturing, especially with high quality, as we've found Current to be." – S. Matthews, formerly of Fastenal


Ensco Supply
"I always get excellent service when I call or email Christina. She is always polite and fast with a answer for whatever I throw at her. Keep up the good work." - C. Hooks, Ensco Supply


PBC Industrial Supplies, Inc.
"I would like to take this opportunity to express the extreme pleasure it has been to be a distributor for Current Tool Company. Since we have become associated with Current we have received nothing but the finest service from them including, but not limited to, the following: customer service, completion of order (very little back orders), knowledgeable representatives and an overall family feeling given to us when we seek help on any topic. Again, just a note to say THANK YOU for a job well done." - K. Weber, PBC Industrial Supplies, Inc.

Fisk Electric Corporation
I was first introduced to Current Tools in 2014 when I needed a 3K puller that would pull on a continuous basis in lieu of running 10 minutes and turning off. The local Current Tools Representative let us try their 3K puller and it did the job. We have since converted our 3K & 6K puller to Current Tools and are very pleased that we did. I have also toured the Current Tools manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC and was very impressed with their "state of the art " technology. I was also impressed with their willingness to make product or enhancement changes based upon the feedback from the end users. Lastly, Current Tools products are manufactured and assembled in the USA, has a 2-Year Warranty and a lower cost alternative. Bottom line is we now have a choice in the market place when purchasing electrical tools and equipment." - Darrell "Bubba" Carder