99 Cable Feeder

  • Hinged upper drive to allow for easy side loading                                  
  • High grip tires can accommodate no lube or regular cable
  • Dual drive motors for maximum grip on cables
  • Cable separator guides cables to insure positive grip on tires
  • Heavy duty transport caster with quick release mechanism
  • Variable speed control
  • May be operated with remote pendant or optional foot switch
  • Self-lubricating drive chains reduce maintenance
  • Made in the USA


Catalog NumberDescriptionWeight
99 Cable feeder 345 lbs.
99-122 Foot Switch 3 lbs.



Weight: 345 lbs.

Dimensions: 26"W X 42"L X 43"H

Power Requirements: 115 VAC, 15 amps, 60 Hz

Feeding speed: 0 ft./min to 36 ft./min.

Cable Capacity:

Cable size- .25" to 3.5" dia. max.

Total width of all cables- 6" max.

Maximum pulling force:

Single Cable'Approximately 250 lbs.

All cables- Approximately 1,000 lbs.

Maximum reel capacity- 25,000 lbs.

Tire pressure- 50 PSI




* SIMpull is a registered trademark of Southwire Corporation.

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