100 Two Speed Cable Puller

  • 10,000 lb. pulling capacity
  • Built-in force gauge with digital read out
  • One person set up
  • Four wheel carriage for stability and ease of transport
  • 45° horizontal pivot allows for use of puller in tight spaces
  • Two speeds allow for fast pulling on low force pulls and increased torque for heavier pulls                                                                             
  • Boom height adjustment handle allows for easy vertical positioning of boom sections with little effort
  • Snap-in couplings for quick and easy set-up
  • Fits through 32" doorway
  • Flat-free urethane wheels 

Recommended Pulling Rope

7 8 inch pulling rope

model100 pivot

Catalog Number Description Weight  
100 Two Speed Cable Puller with Carriage 400 lbs. UPC 811993025341
110 Two Speed Cable Puller with Floor Mount - Comes standard with Model #2280 Floor Mount 159 lbs. UPC 811993026089
120 Two Speed Cable Puller with Chain Mount -  Comes standard with Model #2281 Chain Mount 169 lbs.

UPC 811993026096

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