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525FS 2 1/2" Cable Feeding Sheave

  • Tube designed to fit into standard sizes of all types of conduit
  • Tube is split for easy removal of cable after installation
  • 5” wide aluminum sheaves with self-lubricating bearings
  • For feeding of cable into conduit only
  • Made in the USA


Catalog NumberDescriptionWeight
520FS Feeding sheave for 2" conduit 8 lbs.
525FS Feeding sheave for 2-1/2" conduit 11 lbs.
530FS Feeding sheave for 3 " conduit 14 lbs.
535FS Feeding sheave for 3 1/2" conduit 17 lbs.
540FS Feeding sheave for 4" conduit 19 lbs.
550FS Feeding sheave for 5" conduit 26 lbs.
560FS Feeding sheave for 6" conduit 30 lbs.

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