Introducing the NEW 11 Lightweight High-SpeedCable Puller

Unleash unmatched efficiency with our One-Person Cable Puller, boasting a 1000 lb. capacity and designed for seamless integration with your tasks!

Discover the One-Person Cable Puller! Expertly crafted for solo set-up and operation, it boasts a 1000 lb. max capacity and 600 lb. continuous pull. Compatible with most 18v drills and designed for conduits from ½” to 4″, its telescopic boom extends to 42″. Enjoy rapid poly line unloading with a removable capstan plate. This lightweight gem arrives fully assembled and features a maintenance-free gearbox. Add the stabilizing leg for unmatched steadiness. Redefine efficiency with our Ultimate Pulling Power!

11 Lightweight High Speed Cable Puller
  • Model No: 11
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Designed for one person set-up and operation
  • 1000 lb. max capacity with 600 lb. continuous pulling force
  • Accepts most 18v cordless drills
  • Telescoping boom easily extends up to 42″ in length
  • Quickly unload poly line with removable capstan plate
  • For use with any size conduit from ½” to 4″
  • Lightweight
  • Adapter coupling for adding stabilizing leg
  • Complete unit with no assembly required
  • Maintenance free gearbox


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    Additional Information

    Catalog No: 11

    Weight: 15 lbs.

    Description: High speed cable puller — 1,000 lb. capacity

    UPC: 811993027307