Introducing the NEW 33BAT Battery Powered High SpeedCable Puller

Meet the 33BAT: A powerhouse cable puller weighing just 83 lbs. but boasting an impressive 3,000 lbs. of pulling force!

The 33BAT uses an 18-volt battery with a 2-speed motor pulling up to 75ft. per minute. It comes complete with two batteries and a charger along with a mobile cart for easy mounting, allowing for quick battery changes and convenient storage. The 33BAT also features a capacity of 3,000 lbs. pulling force, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

One of its key features is the vent-free gearbox with an integral foot switch which allows for easy control and operation of the device.

Overall, this combination of mobility, power, and convenience makes the 33BAT well suited for various pulls around the jobsite.

Watch how it works!

33BAT Cable Puller


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    • Model No: 33BAT
    • Width: 22″
    • Depth: 23″
    • Height: 48″
    • Fully Extended Length: 104″Weight: 83 lbs. – cable puller only (130 lbs. – cable puller mounted on mobile cart)
    • Maximum Pulling Force: 3,000 lbs.
    • Speeds: no load, Low – 25 ft./min., High – 75 ft./min.
    • Pulling Rope: 9/16″ or larger double braided composite pulling rope or a pulling rope with a minimum average breaking strength of 16,000 lbs.
    • Integral 18 volt heavy duty 2 speed motor
    • Extra battery storage for quick power change
    • Mounts to mobile cart for storage and ease of mobility
    • No disassembly to store cable puller on mobile cart
    • Quick release conduit couplings
    • Tapered capstan
    • Integral foot switch
    • Permanently lubricated vent-free gear box
    • Light weight – cable puller weighs approximately 83 lbs. (without cart)
    Additional Information

    Catalog No: 33BAT

    Weight: 83 lbs. (Cable Puller only)
                        130 lbs. (Cable Puller on mobile cart)

    Description: High Speed Battery Powered Cable Puller

    UPC: 811993027178