Company Information

Our Mission

Since its founding in 1999 the goal of Current Tools, Inc. has been to provide the professional electrician with quality tools at reasonable prices. We will continue to expand our product line, with a mission devoted to meeting the needs of the professional electrician.

About Us

Current Tools manufactures tools for electrical contractors, offering more than 100 products, including cable pullers, conduit benders, and knockout sets.

Current Tools is based in Upstate Greenville, South Carolina, and the company is proud of its national connections, as well as its customer service.

Almost every product is manufactured on-site, and there’s a fully staffed team of engineers at the ready.

That dedication to a customer’s needs sets Current Tools apart from its competitors. You can always count on reaching a person when you call, whether you’re a potential customer with a question or a contractor who’s having an issue on a job site while under a tight deadline.

“Our customer service is huge,” says President and Founder, John Scovil. “We have a lot of compliments about our customer service. We don’t hesitate if somebody has an issue. We take care of it, and then we figure out later what the issue was. Because they’ve got a job to do, they’re usually under a time constraint, and they don’t have time to ship a piece of equipment and let us look at it and figure out what it is, and then repair it and send it back to them.”

The plant in Greenville boasts a high-tech powder coating system that bakes the paint onto the surface, creating an extremely durable finish, as well as an automated sheet laser, which allows workers to set up a load of sheet metal to be cut and offloaded after the plant has closed for the day.

The company uses several robotic welders, and Current Tools was the first company between Atlanta and Charlotte to acquire a tube laser that can cut 5- to 6-inch diameter pieces of pipe or tubing.

Unlike most manufacturers, Current Tools offers a two-year warranty on its products, another feature that marks Current Tools as a standout in the industry.

“Most people’s experience with warranties is never good because most manufacturers are looking for ways to get out of honoring warranties,” says General Manager John Henry. “We go the other extreme; we do everything to take care of people’s products under warranty. We bend over backwards to take care of the customer and make sure the customer is running and using our products.”