33BAT Battery Powered High Speed Cable Puller


Model No: 33BAT
Width: 22″
Depth: 23″
Height: 48″
Fully Extended Length: 104″
Weight: 83 lbs. – cable puller only (130 lbs. – cable puller mounted on mobile cart)
Maximum Pulling Force:  3,000 lbs.
Speeds:  no load, Low – 25 ft./min., High – 75 ft./min.
Motor: 18V right angle drill – 1/2″
Pulling Rope: 9/16″ or larger double braided composite pulling rope or a pulling rope with a minimum average breaking strength of 16,000 lbs.

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  • Integral 18 volt heavy duty 2 speed motor
  • Extra battery storage for quick power change
  • Mounts to mobile cart for storage and ease of mobility
  • No disassembly to store cable puller on mobile cart
  • Quick release conduit couplings
  • Tapered capstan
  • Integral foot switch
  • Permanently lubricated vent-free gear box
  • Light weight – cable puller weighs approximately 83 lbs. (without cart)