77SE EMT Electric Bender


Electric Bender, 1/2″-2″ EMT Single Shoe Group

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  • Bends ½” to 2” EMT conduit and includes the 700SE EMT Shoe Group (single Shoe, roller support, and metal storage box).
  • Only one shoe and roller support needed to bend 1/2″–2″ for each type of conduit
  • Rugged and dependable electrical system • Easy to maintain and service
  • Removable handle to allow for dogleg bends
  • No PC boards
  • Simple, reliable electrical components
  • All major electrical components are interchangeable with Model #747 Omni™ Bender
  • Flat free wheels
  • Compare to Greenlee® 555C® Bender*
  • Shoes and roller support assemblies will fit Greenlee’s® 555® Classic*
  • Made in the USA

*Greenlee® and 555 ® are registered trademarks of Greenlee Tools, Inc.